Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Fate of a House

On Monday, the Register-Star reported on a firefighters' training exercise that took place on Sunday morning: "FAST firefighter teams train in Hudson on Sunday." FAST stands for Firefighter Assist and Search Team. About thirty firefighters from Hudson, Greenport, Claverack, Stuyvesant, and Niverville participated in the training, which took place in what the article described as "a vacant home at 69 N. 7th Street in Hudson."

The house, now vacant, is one of three houses slated for demolition to make way for the 54-unit apartment building the Galvan Foundation is planning to construct there.  

The recent history of the house at 69 North Seventh Street, the house used on Sunday for firefighter training, is interesting. Galvan acquired it in 2014. In March 2018, Galvan factotum Jason O'Toole announced that Galvan was developing 29 affordable dwelling units in ten of its properties. One of those properties was 69 North Seventh Street, which then stood vacant, as it had since Galvan acquired it.

In July 2019, Dan Kent, vice president of initiatives for the Galvan Foundation, reported that work on the house would soon be completed. In November 2020, when the picture below was taken, the renovation was complete, and the house was occupied.

Now, just three years after it was renovated, the house is vacant again and awaiting demolition.

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  1. Looks like a perfectly nice house. However, I guess millionaires can do what they like with their money and whether or not people are looking for homes or a rental they don't care. Galvan has a history of sitting on vacant properties as we well know.