Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Returning to the Topic of Sidewalks

The ad hoc Sidewalk Committee met last week and won't be meeting again until August 29. At last week's meeting, Councilmember Dominic Merante, who chairs the committee, announced that at the August meeting they would "revisit the sidewalk law and how they can make it a reality." 

Since the Common Council first started talking about a sidewalk law at the beginning of 2019, the sidewalk law in the City of Ithaca has been held up as the model for a law in Hudson. Last night, at the meeting of the Conservation Advisory Council, Council president Tom DePietro advised CAC members to take a look at the information about sidewalk policy on the City of Ithaca website. Gossips passes that recommendation along to readers. All the information about Ithaca's sidewalk policy--how it works and how it impacts property owners--can be found here

There is much of interest that can be learned from exploring this site, not the least of which is that the mayor of Ithaca convened a Sidewalk Task Force in February 2013, the Common Council enacted legislation in September 2013, and the law took effect in January 2014. Our Common Council, three different iterations of it, has been working on similar legislation since January 2019.

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  1. i lived in Ithaca for 6 years in the late 1990s. The level of professionalism and competence there is something that Hudson City Hall should aspire to as well.