Tuesday, November 1, 2022

A Little Political Drama Played Out on Facebook

On Saturday, Brandon Gaylord, the Republican who is challenging Didi Barrett to represent the 106th District in the NYS Assembly, published the following post on Facebook. 

Gaylord was one of the awardees in Mayor Kamal Johnson's "40 Under 40" competition. The post on Gaylord's campaign page seems meant to imply that he has Johnson's endorsement and support.

Yesterday, the Hudson City Democratic Committee responded on Facebook by reiterating its support for Barrett, the Democratic incumbent. The message from the Hudson Democrats was reposted by the Columbia County Democratic Committee.

It will be remembered that in September the Register-Star reported that Johnson was contemplating running for the Assembly two years from now, presumably challenging Barrett in a primary: "Hudson mayor considers Assembly run in '24." 


  1. Having gulled the Hudson Dems, our do-nothing mayor plays naked politics in search of his next teat to suckle from. His silence is deafening.

  2. Bravo to you Carole to forcing the Dems to respond to this. Maybe if everyone did a little bit of research they would realize that Assemblymember Barrett was also at the event. Also her right hand Gunnar Wordon was recognized as well (well deserved). This is not a ploy for me to run in two years. The RegisterStar reached out to me about that article. I was just as shocked as everyone else. When I do decide what's next for me I'll have a lot of fun letting everyone know. Now let's get out and vote!

  3. Also can I mention how sharp I look? Man losing 40 pounds is really paying off.

    1. Frightening. Add vanity to the list of concerns we should have about our Mayor.