Wednesday, November 30, 2022

News from the Planning Board

The Planning Board had to cancel its regular monthly meeting, scheduled for November 8, for want of a quorum. The meeting was rescheduled for last night, November 29. At last night's meeting, only four of the seven members were in attendance (a fifth member appeared on Zoom when the meeting was about to be adjourned), but four members constitute a quorum. The significant bit of business accomplished last night was the unanimous approval (by those present) of the site plan for the former Community Theatre at Columbia and Seventh streets, to be known in its new life as "Hudson Forum."

Although the project now has site plan approval from the Planning Board, it has yet to be granted a certificate of appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission. On October 28, representatives from the Galvan Foundation came before the HPC seeking positive support for the proposed renovation, in advance of the Planning Board meeting scheduled for November 8. It received what was sought. HPC member John Schobel declared of the project, "It's going to be transformative." Architect member Chip Bohl expressed his approved of the glass curtain wall proposed for the portico, observing, "It is recessed and well behind the columns." 

In other news relating to this project, the Common Council, at its meeting on November 15, passed a resolution authorizing a settlement with Galvan Initiatives Foundation and Galvan Civic I which deems the "Hudson Forum" building and the house at 612 Columbia Street tax exempt. All members of the Council voted in support of the resolution except Margaret Morris (First Ward), who abstained.

Also of interest, August Abatecola, who is to be artistic director for Hudson Forum, now serves on the Advisory Board of the Galvan Foundation, which is now calling itself "Galvan Center for the Common Good."      


  1. "For the Common Good"? You can't be serious.

  2. The rendering looks so.. um... Unrealistic. How about a semi or two rolling by, and a car or two doing 40 mph? Pedestrians don't cross their casually, especially at night That intersection is dangerous as it is, it's only going to worsen if this place actually happens. And, on a full house evening, where will everyone park? B Huston

    1. They won't. Circling around and round. Then, go home. Good for the environment, pedestrians and businesses. If you're ambitious, now's a good time to start up a taxi service.

  3. I'm noticing very lackluster attendance from Planning Board members in recent months.

  4. 612 Columbia is now off the tax rolls, as is the monstrous community tennis building (correct me if I am wrong). Galvan says 612 WILL at some point house artists, therefore it is exempt. You watch, the tennis will take years and years of "progress" if it ever comes to fruition. Meanwhile, 612 will sit there untouched, decaying, and of course, not housing ANYONE. How about Galvan continues to pay taxes on 612 and tennis until the properties are actually and provably being used for tax exempt purposes? Hudson is once again getting screwed by Galvan. We, including the PB and the Common Council, have no idea what GALVAN's true intentions are with these buildings or when it might happen. We can only hope they complete yet another large project sometime soon. They have shown over and over that they are all incapable of doing that.
    B Huston