Monday, November 21, 2022

News from FOPS

Friends of the Public Square (FOPS) recently received contributions from two important regional benefactors to support FOPS's long-term planning for improvements to Seventh Street Park.

Hudson River Bank & Trust Company Foundation awarded FOPS a $4,000 grant, contingent on FOPS meeting a matching challenge. Herrington's, the lumber and building supply company, donated $2,500 to help underwrite the fees of Starr Whitehouse, the landscape design firm retained by FOPS for the historic redesign of the park.


  1. The long-unused, useless and laughable Visitor's Information hut at the corner of Park and Columbia has finally been removed. But we still get the holiday houses, which I also find ridiculous. "But this is how we have always done it."
    B Huston

    1. You must be a real fun and festive person to be around at Christmas

    2. Always a negative comment, even when it's good news Bill. And my children and many others enjoy the houses. Stick to harassing and assaulting city and county officials.

    3. Note to DPW: the public bench in the SW corner of the park has been COVERED in bird turds for at least two weeks. You had at least 5 workers in the park yesterday dealing with the festive houses, one of them no more than 15 feet from the bench covered in bird feces. And it was ignored because? Because there is no expectation at DPW to take initiative with a problem rather than wait for someone to make a complaint? Because DPW has decided that the FOPS people should be taking care of the park now that they are being given all this money?
      Bill Huston

    4. At least I don't hide my identity, MS. PS, the comment about the so-called visitors' info hut was a positive one. Even Carole is GLAD to see that it is finally gone. Give me some credit already, whoever you are. h
      B I L L HUSton