Thursday, November 17, 2022

The State of COVID-19 in Columbia County

It appears the Columbia County Department of Health may have stopped its daily report of COVID numbers. There hasn't been such a report since Tuesday. Although there has been no report from the CCDOH as yet today, there was this press release from Matt Murell, chair of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors.
COVID-19 positive cases took a significant tumble this week, falling to their lowest weekly level this year, Columbia County Department of Health Director Jack Mabb said today. There were 36 positive cases in the first four days of this week, nearly half of the positive cases reported last week. 
"I think it’s good news ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend, but people should still stay aware of those around them,” said Director Mabb. He is encouraging people to be aware of symptoms in themselves and family members who are gathering next Thursday, and to utilize home tests to determine if those ill individuals are positive for COVID-19. 
The good news on the virus’s effect on the community is also reflected in hospitalizations, with just six people hospitalized and one in the ICU. The department reported its 159th COVID-19 related death last week, this with an elderly gentleman who lived at home. 
Interest in the COVID-19 booster remains, with 54 vaccinated at last Thursday's clinic. The department also administered 21 flu vaccinations that day. Interest in the Monkeypox vaccine is a different story, as only four received the vaccine. “I think those county residents who wanted the two-shot series have gotten it,” said Director Mabb. However, the DOH will continue to offer the vaccine at its weekly clinic at 325 Columbia.

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  1. These reports were pretty useless anyway. The Health Department provided no analysis of any trends in the data. The data points reported were provided with no perspective. For example if the CCDOH reported 10 cases on a particular day was that high, low, average and for what period? Were the deaths reported "from covid" or "with covid". That's a pretty significant difference. Also, what percentage of the new cases were reported in people that were fully vaccinate, partially vaccinated or not vaccinated? This is all information that the public should be privy to. In other words, the absence of the reports will more or less go unnoticed by most of the population.