Friday, November 18, 2022

Dog Control Officer Needed

The City of Hudson is looking to hire a dog control officer for 2023. Among the duties of the dog control officer are these:
  • On call, on a 24-hour basis, for the seizure of stray, abandoned, or loose dogs found on the streets and other public places.
  • Respond to calls by the Hudson Police Department for assistance when needed.
  • Issue appearance tickets to owners of unlicensed dogs.
  • Patrol the streets of Hudson at least twice a week.
  • Make random visits to the Hudson Dog Park at least twice a week to confirm any dogs present have current valid licenses.
The job has an annual stipend of $7,200. Click here for more information about the job and how to apply for it. The deadline for applying is Monday, December 12.

The picture below shows a dog named Aleric, who was starved and abandoned, tied to a fence at the waterfront in 2013. He was discovered by Hudson police, rescued by the dog control officer at the time, and managed to survive the terrible abuse he had suffered.


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  1. I love the creepy dog picture someone chose for the announcement on the city's website.