Monday, November 28, 2022

The Next Step for Sharptown Ridge

At the end of October, the Town of Stuyvesant Zoning Board of Appeals rendered its decision on the proposal to create an agritourism facility at the Rudolph family farm in Stuyvesant.

The resolution passed by the ZBA states:
. . . the ZBA finds that that Applicant's plan to construct/create four (4) greenhouses, eight (8) berry and vegetable beds, two (2) flower beds, a horse barn, a distillery to process materials grown on the Premises, and accessory structures such as a riding ring, an equipment barn, and two (2) separate barn garages (one with an apartment above it) with 'farm stays' on the premises does fall within the definition of Agribusiness since clearly these proposed uses are agricultural in nature and is therefore a permitted use with site plan approval under the Zoning Law . . .
The resolution goes on to say: 
. . . however the ZBA finds that the level and density of the housing aspect of the plan is too great in magnitude to remain within the definition of agritourism since the proposal for 20 individual transient residential uses, plus 4 existing trailers, the main house, and the guest house create a situation where the residential rentals would become the primary use and exceed that of the agricultural use.
The project now returns to the Planning Board. Gossips has learned that the applicant has presented a supplemental submission that challenges the ZBA's ruling and asks the Planning Board to ignore the ZBA's determination and approve the plan that includes twenty "farm stay" rental units, along with 134 parking spaces.

The project is on the agenda for tonight's Planning Board meeting, which takes place at 7:00 p.m. at Stuyvesant Town Hall, 5 Sunset Drive in Stuyvesant.

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