Sunday, November 27, 2022

Another Recommendation

There is a certain futility inherent in this post, since its intended audience is readers who are asking to be re-subscribed to The Gossips of Rivertown because posts are no longer being delivered by email to their inboxes. Still, there is hope the information may reach those who will find it useful.

A post published on August 8 explained what happened and why: "An Explanation and a Recommendation." Today's post offers an alternative way to get Gossips delivered to your inbox: Feedrabbit. Just go to and enter the URL for Gossips: You can set things up to get each post delivered to your inbox as soon as it is published or to get all the posts published in a day delivered at one time. 

Gossips is not a newsletter; it's a blog. All of its most recent posts and a thirteen-year archive of posts are there all the time, accessible to everyone, with no paywall to impede your reading and exploration. 

My own recommendation is that once or twice a day you just go directly to and check out what's new. If you do it often enough, the entire URL will appear as soon as you type g into your browser. Should you forget the URL, just type gossips (be certain it's plural) into your search engine. In all likelihood, The Gossips of Rivertown--this blog not the 1848 novel from which it takes its name--will be the first thing to pop up.  

As always, thank you all for your loyalty and interest in The Gossips of Rivertown.

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