Tuesday, November 22, 2022

An Early Holiday Gift

Now you see it . . . 

now you don't.

Photo: Katherine Kanaga

The kiosk that stood at the northeast corner of the Public Square was removed yesterday morning by the Department of Public Works. Its removal was something that has been discussed (and wished for by many) for several years . . . in Gossips memory, since 2008. It was originally placed there by Columbia County as a tourist kiosk, and occasionally it was staffed and stocked with brochures about tourist attractions throughout the county. Given its location, it was never clear how tourists were expected to find their way to it. 

At some point, Columbia County gave the kiosk to the City of Hudson, and ownership allowed the City to move it. Now, thanks to the efforts of Friends of the Public Square (FOPS), the kiosk is gone. Word is it's being stored behind the DPW garage on Dock Street, but Gossips has not confirmed that.

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