Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Looking Ahead to 2023

On Thursday, November 10, there is a special Common Council meeting at 6:00 p.m. to receive and consider the proposed budget for 2023. 
The budget can now be viewed online here. All the original budget requests from the various departments can be viewed here

There are a few things in the budget that are worthy of note. Last year, the Board of Estimate and Apportionment (BEA)--the mayor, the Council president, and the treasurer--raised the mayor's annual salary from $60,000 to $75,000. This year, they are recommending the salary of the mayor's aide be increased from $35,000 a year to $55,000. 

The request for an $80,000 salary for Housing Justice Director Michelle Tullo survived the BEA review, but the request for $50,000 for the Housing Trust Fund did not. That amount was reduced by half to $25,000.

Also, only $250,000 has been budgeted for the Hudson Area Library, so if Proposition 2 passes tonight, the BEA will have to find an additional $100,000 somewhere to meet that obligation.  

Thursday's special meeting will be a hybrid, taking place in person at City Hall and on Zoom. Click here to join remotely. 

A public hearing on the budget has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 15, at 5:30 p.m., and a special meeting of the Common Council to vote on adopting the budget has been scheduled for Thursday, November 17, at 6:15 p.m.


  1. I don't see the DPW request among all the other departments.

  2. Of course keep giving raises to the two guys who have collectively accomplished exactly nothing besides compiling a list of 40 people under 40 who live or work in the county (which is nice but not exactly in the job description of either).

    Then there's the simultaneous and dichotomous decisions to both increase the salary for the Housing Justice Director (who has, to my knowledge, not uncovered any housing injustice to speak of in the city) while reducing the budget she is responsible for. Only in politics -- especially when there's only 1 adult on the BEA with any actual work and management experience -- can such mutually-exclusive outcomes be championed by the same people.

    1. No housing injustices have been revealed and none ever will be no doubt because Kamal told Michelle to lay off his landlord. "You say a bad word about Galvan or even think of investigating them and I show you the door. $80,000 ought to keep you quiet. Got it, sweetie pie?" Just like the mafia.

  3. The Parking Violations bureau is requesting $2,500 for uniforms expenses. The guy collecting the quarters and fixing the meters is never in uniform.

  4. It does seem absurd, 80K for a Housing Justice Director? There aren't many jobs in Hudson paying 80K, what exactly does this person do? How exactly do you "Direct Housing Justice," what is housing justice anyway? Why is this person paid more than the Mayor? If this position actually continues to exist, it should be more inline with the dogcatcher salary.

    Don't we have paid secretaries in City Hall, why do we need to pay 55k for a Mayors assistant? Can't the Mayor do his own job, answer his own phone and email, write his own letters, fetch his own coffee? This continually escalating budget is a recipe for higher taxes which will only fuel gentrification and force lower income homeowners out of Hudson. So much for Housing Justice.

  5. Seems to me that historically, here and in other small municipalities, the mayor was filling a part time position and that person likely had another source of income. It has morphed into a full time position here in Hudson, whether it actually is or needs to be, and so Kamal can justify the raises. And since Kamal will likely never land another job in Hudson making 75 grand a year, he will do whatever it takes to hold onto his position, regardless of accomplishments or city improvements, if there are any he has to show for. It would be nice if he actually knew how to manage an organization.
    If there ever was a position that should/could only be PART TIME, it's the so-called Housing Justice Director. Let's not get carried away, Kamal.

  6. Incremental death 'by budget' = gentrification

  7. Think about this: It will be costing us $130,000,00 yearly to have two people sitting in the mayor's office. Justify that one if you would please Mr.Mayor. Tell us what we get for our money. In my opinion jack shit!