Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Scourge of GPS

Last summer, Gossips reported about an eighteen-wheeler that got stuck trying to make a left turn off South Second Street onto Allen Street. 

The driver's explanation for why he was off the truck route and on narrow residential streets was that his GPS (Global Positioning System) had directed him there.

This morning, Gary Mason, who works for DPW, averted a disaster when he halted an eighteen-wheeler heading toward the dead end on North Third Street and directed the driver safely back to State Street. The driver explained that his GPS had indicated Robinson Street was the best route to Harney & Sons, located at the end of North Second Street. 

Imagine a giant truck on Robinson Street. Even for someone driving a tiny SMART car, navigating that narrow street is like passing through the eye of a needle.

Many thanks to Peter Spear for providing Gossips with both the news and the pictures of the incident.


  1. Tractor trailers go down that hill more often than you would think. I've seen it. DPW's garbage trucks go down 2nd all the time, and an average-sized garbage truck, even empty, weighs a hefty 25 tons. Big rigs can be about 40 tons.
    I am seeing an uptick lately of errant tractor trailers on State and on side streets.

    1. The hill you speak of is on North Second Street. This post is about a truck on North Third Street.