Tuesday, November 29, 2022

News of the "Depot District"

Today, a reader alerted me to the presence of a "Work in Progress" sign on North Seventh Street, between two of the three houses to be demolished to make way for one of the two apartment buildings the Galvan Foundation proposes to build there, in the area of the city it has dubbed the "Depot District."

Photo: Bill Huston
The building to be constructed there, for households with incomes between 40 and 80 percent of the area median income (AMI), failed to get funding from NYS Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) last summer. When Dan Kent, vice president of initiatives for the Galvan Foundation, told the Planning Board in July that the project had been "beat out" by other projects in the Capital Region, he said that Galvan intended to try again in the next round. That round is coming up. The deadline for submitting applications is December 6. 

The appearance of the sign on North Seventh Street may suggest that Galvan is confident about the outcome in this round of funding, or it may have no particular significance. After all, there's been a Galvan "Work in Progress" sign on 22-24 Warren Street for at least two years, and there's been no progress there.


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  1. I think Dan Kent is on steroids. Too many initiatives, Dan, WAY too many initiatives, not enough completed works. Before you raze those three perfectly good houses on 7th street for a project you MAY NOT FIND FUNDING FOR, how about you finish 501 Union first?How about finishing the Alger House on Allen? Why is no one living in 70 or 72 N. 5th and why are both those houses deteriorating for lack of attention? Focus, Dan, focus, quit the steroids. Hudson is not your MONOPOLY BOARD.