Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Last Night in Hudson

Last night, something happened that brought multiple law enforcement agencies racing to Hudson. Entering the city from the south on Third Street, a Columbia County Sheriff's Deputy lost control of his car, which left the road and rolled over. Lance Wheeler was first to report about it on Facebook, but his description of where the accident occurred, "just west of the former St. Mary's School in Hudson," was misleading. This morning, a reader provided the information and a photo identifying the exact location: Third Street south of Allen, directly behind 6 Willard Place.

Photo: Barb Ponkos-Merola
This morning, Wheeler posted a video on YouTube that also makes clear the location of the accident. 

Wheeler reported that the deputy driving the car was rushed to Albany Medical Center.

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  1. A few nights ago I watched as a white county cop car, same as shown in picture, was approaching the stop sign on State at 6th, headed east. The cop was driving so fast that I thought he would not stop. No lights and no siren. He slowed down a bit and then came to a sudden halt beyond the stop line when he noticed a car was already at the stop line to his right waiting to enter the intersection.
    That car halted because the driver thought the cop was not going to stop. The cop waited for the other car, which had the right of way, to proceed. Then the county cop drove ahead, obviously not responding to any incident. He was just driving way too goddamn fast for no reason. Like so many people are these days. Yes, even those supposed to be enforcing the speed limit and reckless driving.
    Bill Huston