Thursday, January 14, 2016

And They're Off!

Last night's initial planning meeting to revive bed races in Hudson attracted a variety of folks--some who remembered the bed races in the 1980s, some who remembered the bed races in 2001 and 2003, and some who remembered neither.

Photo: Paul Abitabile
Although it was suggested that--with Flag Day and Pride Weekend in the summer, Arts Walk in the fall, and Winter Walk in the winter--Hudson needs a spring event, it was felt that scheduling the bed races in the spring didn't allow enough time for planning. A tentative date for the bed races was selected: Saturday, September 24, with Sunday, September 25, as the rain date.

There was talk of a pre-race event in Seventh Street Park (a.k.a. the Public Square), where all the participating beds would be on display to be viewed by race goers and judged in various categories. The race itself, which is expected to take a couple of hours, will run from Seventh Street to Fifth Street, with two beds racing down the course at a time. The event is expected to wind up at Seventh Street Park, where trophies will be awarded to the winning racers and to beds and teams that are distinguished in some way.

Three committees were established at the first planning meeting: one to draft rules and come up with prizes, one to pursue fundraising and promotion, and another to work out logistics. A Facebook group has been created, open to anyone wanting to be involved in the planning for this event, and a second planning meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, at 6 p.m., at 1 North Front Street.