Monday, January 25, 2016

Teachout Announces

Although she was still only just thinking about running for Congress when the chairs of the Democratic committees in the 19th Congressional District of New York voted last week to give her their support, Zephyr Teachout made the official announcement today that she is seeking the seat vacated by Chris Gibson and launched her campaign website


  1. So now the next question, is whether Will Yandik stays in the race. He can win Columbia County in the Dem primary, but overall it will be an uphill battle for him to beat Teachout in the primary. Makes me sad. I am a big Will Yandik fan, and think very, very highly of him.

  2. I agree, and hope Will decides to stick it out.

  3. And another "vote" for Will to stick it out.

    And, a few questions:
    1. Why would the 11 county chairs pick another candidate who is not from the district after the poor showing of the last candidate who was also called a carpet bagger?

    2. If there is a primary scheduled why do the 11 Party County Chairman endorse any candidate before learning what the party members want via the Primary?

    3. What does the "endorsement" actually mean? Do all the party funds go to her in the primary? Is Will essentially battling Teachout AND the Party if he does stay in?

    For some reason I find the whole process very confusing, but remain hopeful that somehow Will can be the ultimate candidate.
    Elizabeth Nyland

    1. Will gave a wonderful speech at TK last week. Such a thoughtful and heartfelt candidate.

    2. Elizabeth,
      1. The county chairs take a lot of things into consideration when choosing someone to endorse. A previous candidate was referred to in that way, but Teachout has run for office in the counties that comprise the 19th district before and did very well. That history (which leads to her being fairly well known in the area) may have been the key to her endorsement.
      2. Primaries are not scheduled, they are forced when two or more candidates for the same office turn in enough good signatures to qualify for the ballot. The candidates have not gathered the signatures yet, so we don't know if there will be a primary.
      3. Party funds are not supposed to go to an endorsed candidate but the work of the party committee members in carrying the petitions makes it easier for the endorsed candidates to get the signatures they need.

      I met Will a few weeks ago and think he would make an excellent candidate.

    3. Michael,
      Thank you for explaining this. Now I understand better. I am very glad there is going to be an opportunity for a primary and hope Will gets lots of signatures when he starts calling for them. Even better, maybe he will be a lone candidate! But, I doubt that.

      Elizabeth Nyland

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  5. Remember, though, that the race that Teachout did very well in was a Democratic primary against Andrew Cuomo. She did not run in the general election in November. Also, as I understand it, the county chairs did not "endorse." I can't recall the terminology they used instead of endorse. (Of course that's what the press is saying, regardless.) Endorsement can be made only by the county committees.