Friday, January 29, 2016

"We Can Make It If We Try"

The bids for the adaptive reuse of 701 Union Street as the Hudson Police & Court Center were opened this morning before an audience of bidders, elected officials past and present, and the media. 

Unlike the last time, when only a single bid was submitted, for $1.5 million more than the City had to spend, this time there were five bids for general construction, eight bids for plumbing, eleven bids for HVAC, and eight bids for electrical work. The lowest bids total $2,824,100--$228,400 under the amount approved by resolution of the Common Council after the value engineering was completed.

The sad information revealed today--sad for those of us who care about such things--is that paving and landscaping was not included in the primary bids for general construction but were submitted as "alternate costs." These bids ranged from $247,000 to $428,000, with the lowest bidder for general construction submitting a bid of $360,000 for these "alternate costs."

The next step is for the mayor, the city treasurer, the city attorney, and the project manager to review the documents, which will happen on Monday morning.


  1. Is it possible another location / situation could be considered ?

    Theres something not right about this choice right from the get go.

    1. The Shrimp Box, a DSS building placed above a toxic waste site, Schroeder's, Hudson Wine & Liquor, Ricky's Refrigerator, $15 million sewer plant upgrade, which one was right from the get go?

      In the most corrupt state in the country, the most corrupt city in the county procures good grants and flushes them down the sewer, to feed greedy rats posing as public servants.