Friday, January 1, 2016

The New Year Begins at City Hall

Before a standing room only crowd at City Hall, Tiffany Martin Hamilton was sworn in today, shortly after noon, as the new mayor of the City of Hudson.

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In remarks delivered before the swearing in, Hamilton said that it was with pride and hope that she assumed the responsibility and the opportunity to play a role in Hudson's future. Acknowledging that she and her team had never undertaken a political campaign before, she referred to herself and them as "the little engines that could." Speaking of the challenges ahead, Hamilton asserted, paraphrasing Susan B. Anthony, "Failure is not an option."

Following the swearing-in ceremony, which included the swearing in of two of the commissioners appointed by Hamilton (Amanda Henry, Commissioner for Aging, and Ken Hollenbeck, Commissioner for Youth), the new mayor's aide (Lisa Walsh), new city attorneys (Ken Dow and Mitchell Khosrova), all of the aldermen except for the Third Ward aldermen (John Friedman and Henry Haddad), who were conspicuous by their absence, Common Council president (Claudia DeStefano), and city treasurer (Heather Campbell), Hamilton performed her first duty in her capacity as mayor by officiating the wedding of Jamison Teale and James Gottlieb.

Photo: Facebook

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