Saturday, January 16, 2016

Officer Miller and a Winter's Tale

Last July, Gossips became obsessed with Officer Frank Miller, who joined the Hudson Police Department on March 3, 1914, and for the next three decades, until he retired in 1944, was the officer who seemed to make most of the arrests reported in the newspapers. Throughout July, Gossips followed the first decade or so of Officer Miller's career and then segued into the disgrace of Chief John Cruise, who, in the spring of 1922, was accused, tried, and found guilty of dereliction of duty. The Gossips' multi-part account of "The Scandal of 1922" wound up in September, and since then we have lost sight of Officer Miller. This little item, found recently in the Hudson Evening Register for January 6, 1916, is of seasonal interest and brings our attention back to the ubiquitous Officer Miller.


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