Monday, January 4, 2016

News of Another Merger

This morning's was an affiliation, this afternoon's an acquisition, but merger seems to cover both the new relationship between Albany Med and Columbia Memorial and the proposed one between First Niagara and Key Bank.

The Albany Business Review reported this afternoon that a class action lawsuit, the latest of several, has been filed challenging the $4.1 billion acquisition of First Niagara by KeyCorp: "Another class action suit filed against First Niagara ahead of KeyCorp merger."

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  1. Actually, with respect for the fine publishers of Gossips, "merger" really is not an accurate word to describe the Albany Med CMH partnership. Each organization will keep its distinct corporate identity, name, staff, leadership and governing board. Also, there are no assets transferred in this partnership, leaving "affiliation" as the best, most accurate word to describe it.