Friday, January 22, 2016

Armory Renovation Declared Complete

Daniel Kent of the Galvan Foundation issued the following press release today:
Galvan Foundation is pleased to announce completion of Galvan Armory, located on the northwest corner of Fifth and State Streets in the city of Hudson, NY.
Designed by Isaac G. Perry and built in 1898, the Armory building has long served as a community gathering space and as one of Hudson's most architecturally significant buildings. Prior to acquisition by Galvan Foundation, the building was mostly vacant and little used for many years. Construction began May 2014 and involved gut renovation of the entire 18,000 square feet structure. Galvan Foundation, as project sponsor, is responsible for financing, design, development, and construction activities. The project was also supported by generous contributions from Coastal Enterprises New Markets Tax Credit allocation, Hudson Area Library, the City of Hudson, and Hudson River Bank and Trust Foundation. The project was constructed using local project management, engineers, and contractors.
Galvan Armory has entered into long-term leases with Hudson Area Library, Hudson Senior Center and Perfect Ten Afterschool at nominal, below market rates. Initial occupancy is set for February 15, 2016.
T. Eric Galloway, Galvan Foundation President, spoke of the project saying, "Galvan Foundation is pleased to complete the restoration of one of Hudson's most prized architectural assets. The adaptive reuse of the building as a permanent community center providing a comprehensive array of educational and social services in a single location is most satisfying for us all."
Galvan Foundation is a private grant making and operating foundation that began operations in January 2012. The mission of Galvan Foundation is to improve the quality of life of the people and communities of Hudson, especially those most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged. Galvan Foundation made capital investments in Hudson over $30 million and developed 33,500 square feet of commercial and community rental space and 35 units of housing. Galvan Foundation currently operates 181 residential units, 7 commercial spaces, and 11 nonprofit spaces. Galvan Foundation's grant making program has contributed $1,790,000 to nonprofit organizations serving Hudson.