Saturday, July 8, 2017

Architectural Salvage at the Furgary

A year ago, Gossips did a post on the occasion of learning that the siding on the facade of one of the shacks at the Furgary was made up of pieces of a tin ceiling from what was once the C. H. Evans mansion at 412-416 Warren Street. 

Photo: Walter Ritchie|Galvan Foundation
On Thursday, Gossips had the chance to tag along when Bill Krattinger from SHPO toured the Furgary site with Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton. During that walkabout, I noticed for the first time two other architectural elements, each apparently salvaged from some house in Hudson. The first is this window hood, quite distinctive for its dart pattern molding.

The second is the frame around this gate, reminiscent of the fence posts seen in the historic picture of Promenade Hill below it. 

Needless to say, these elements inspire curiosity. Where did they come from? When and how did they become a part of the complex and layered fabric of the Furgary? I have embarked on a search of historic photographs of Hudson houses, but so far it has been fruitless. Help from readers in the quest to learn the origin of the window hood and gate frame will be acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

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