Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Let Your Opinions Be Known

In order to prioritize its conservation efforts, the Conservation Advisory Council wants to know what natural resources and open spaces Hudson, as a community, values most. Toward that end, the CAC has created a survey to gather information. Gossips readers are urged to complete it. The survey can be accessed by clicking here.  



  1. Our Conservation Advisory Council is a farce, if an "environmental" bureaucracy which puts money-grubbing above science is farcical.

  2. If they have to ask all these questions then they haven't a clue as to what Hudson is and whats important. Carpetbaggers.

    1. It's more of a show really, the usual consultants asking for the usual window dressing.

      These days, consultants and planners generally follow some sort of template (think of BFJ Planners), about which the public then gets a few token opportunities to comment.

      Sea-level rise on the Hudson River was Part I of this outfit's template, the premise of everything which follows. By ignoring the cutting-edge research they were relying on, the consultant hardly made a distinction between different parts of the river. One template to apply everywhere (unless and until members of the public actually read the cutting-edge research!).

      So when the public and one member of the CAC demurred, the consultant informed the CAC that there was no time left to make any changes, not even the corrections that had been promised.

      Change the template and you changing the business model. That's never going to wash, nor do Hudson residents ever learn!

      At this point, most - but not all! - of the CAC members have reduced themselves to being robotic bureaucrats. It's sad, and it was staffed in part to bring about that result, but that will all change someday. We must wait a few more years.