Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Houses Back From the Edge

On Thursday, the Common Council Economic Development Committee will hold a public information session about the request from Stewart's Shops for the City of Hudson to amend its zoning on Green Street and Fairview Avenue to permit them to build a larger gas station and convenience store and in the process purchase and demolish two houses: 162 Green Street and 17-19 Fairview Avenue.

Some, in comments on this blog and elsewhere, have expressed the opinion that the houses in question are in such bad shape that they aren't worth saving. The most compelling argument for saving them is that they provide homes for six families. Also compelling is the fact that they, like so many other buildings in Hudson, can be rescued and restored, but once they are gone, they are gone forever, and the neighborhood is forever transformed. 

In support of sparing the houses from demolition, I have assembled a brief gallery of Before and After pictures showing houses that in recent years have gone from "not worth saving" to desirable. The gallery could be larger, but these are enough to make the point.

66 North Third Street

325-327 State Street

545 State Street

61-71 North Fifth Street

102-104 North Fifth Street

There is no reason it couldn't happen eventually for 162 Green Street and 17-19 Fairview Avenue as well.


  1. In ten years' time, there will be little need for a convenience store or gasoline pumps. Cf. Amazon and Tesla.

    The houses should be spared.

  2. I just do not understand why two buildings on South Front St. can be demolished without questioning the owner if they could be restored, sold, etc.
    I do not see beautiful gardens elsewhere on the property.
    I am concerned about the stability of the building that remains on the lot next to the one that are now a pile of rubble. That is the building at the corner of S. Front and Cross Sts.
    Is it stable?
    It appears as if it is somewhat bowed in the front fa├žade and in need of restoration too.
    Suddenly there's a concern for low income housing at Green and Fairview?
    I always thought that the goal of Hudson's Gov't and "beautiful people" is to keep the subsidized folks in the North by Northwest corner of the City.
    Or possibly to the modern version of a reservation.
    White man continue to speak with forked tongue.

  3. Tommy, you are so correct.

    Low-income-ness (And yes, I know it's not a word.) is the modern day equivalent of leprosy in Hudson.

    People think it's contagious.

    And as for "diversity" that seems to apply to restaurant choices, but certainly not to economic diversity.

    And, the most ironic part of the entire discussion: it's being led by Democrats.

  4. When and where is the hearing tonight?

    1. Hmm. Got a guy coming to work on my retaining wall, but I will try to get there.