Friday, July 21, 2017

Hudson Fifty or More Years Ago

Today, while reorganizing the files at the Youth Department, Nick Zachos came upon these pictures, which he sent to me, and I share them with you.

This picture gives the best sense of any I've ever seen of Promenade Hill the way Frederick Law Olmsted described it in 1886: "a queer little half-public place, half-domestic back-yard, from which the river may be overlooked if any one cares for it."

Here's another pre-urban renewal view of Hudson: the northwest corner of Second and Columbia streets. I believe the houses that appear in the background, facing north, were on Chapel Street, the street that ran between Columbia and State streets and parallel to both. Chapel Street was totally obliterated to create Bliss Towers and Schuyler Court.



  1. undergoing a "beautification project"

  2. Rick Scalera sent me this comment in an email, which I share with you:

    The skinny kid on the safe side of the fence wearing a white hat and black shirt is yours truly.... future mayor Rick Scalera. The Beautification Project paid if I recall $1.25 an hour. Happy to be working though.

  3. Really interesting. Great to see.