Thursday, July 20, 2017

Footnotes on a Post from Tuesday

Yesterday, a once regular now only occasional reader of Gossips commented in an email on the post "Houses Back from the Edge." He reminded me that rescuing houses some considered not worth saving started in Hudson back in the 1980s. He cited the notable example of 611 Union Street.

Back in 1984, the Elks wanted to buy this Gothic cottage, built in 1851, and demolish it to expand the parking lot next to their lodge, which was then located in the Richard Upjohn designed Italian villa at 601 Union. Fortunately for us, Cassandra Danz and Walter Brett bought the house instead and restored and preserved it.

From this reader I also learned something I didn't know about one of the houses that was included in my Before and After gallery of rescued houses: 327 State Street.

Sanford Robinson Gifford's sister Mary, who was the artist's constant companion, moved to 327 State Street when Sanford Gifford married in 1877. This is where she was living in 1880, when Sanford Gifford died, and many artists, her brother's friends and colleagues, visited her there. 

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