Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Watch It for Yourself

Dan Udell's video of Tuesday night's Common Council meeting is now available on YouTube. Along with the discussion of the resolution authorizing the redemption of 424 Union, you will see, among other things, the Council discussing and then passing a resolution requesting from the mayor a report on the status of the ramp project and Sheena Salvino, executive director of Hudson Development Corporation, explaining how an EPF grant for $250,000 for improvements to the entrance to Promenade Hill would be spent if the application is successful. 



  1. For a "city" with fewer than seven thousand residents, and a Council comprised of more than a handful of members (and at least one Supervisor present) all of whom have, minimally, an indirect relationship with the Galvan people, one would have thought, in this age of cell phones, that ONE, just ONE "public servant" would have pulled out their cell phone, dialed the number of any of the Galvan associates, and dealt with the tenant issue right then and there. Public service, transparent public service, in action.

    Kudos to Henry Haddad, John Friedman, and Don Moore, for being principled and speaking the truth about the situation, as the balance of city and county "public servants" left City Hall and returned to their homes.

    It would be interesting to know just who follows up with the tenant (everybody knows she lives, it's not like she can't be found), and perhaps more interesting to know, over the course of thirty years, how many mayoral candidates, Common Council candidates, and Supervisor candidates, have knocked on her (same) door looking for signatures and votes and support.

    How quickly all of that is forgotten.

    As for the Social Services and Saint Catherine's piece. . . Hmmm. . . what conditions are causing the increased need for those services with regard to the affordable housing shortage in Hudson?

  2. "Unknown" - I spoke with the tenant of the redeemed property day before yesterday and the issue of her tenancy has (according to her) been cleared up to her satisfaction.

    It's likely that you own a phone, so tell us - what would you have said on your phone call to "any of the Galvan associates" and what effect do you imagine it would have had on their behavior in this case? Would the effect have been any different had one of the Aldermen made the call? If so, how and why?