Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Concrete Denial

On December 16, Gossips reported about a proposal to incinerate trash from Connecticut in the cement kiln at the Lafarge plant in Ravena: "Connecticut Garbage in Upstate New York." Three days later, on December 19, Hudson Valley 360 picked up on the story: "Connecticut's trash may be headed for Lafarge."  Two days after that, on December 21, WAMC reported the story: "Connecticut May Send Trash to Southern Albany County." Today, December 26, in an ad that appears in the Albany Times Union, David Fletcher. manager of the Lafarge plant in Ravena, denies that there is any such plan in place and asserts that Mustang Renewable Power Ventures named the Lafarge plant as a partner in their proposal without the consent of Lafarge.


Thanks to Virginia Martin to bringing this to our attention


  1. Maybe where there's smoke there's fire. I doubt that the Supervisor of the Town of Coeymans would join the entire Town Board in protesting the plan to the Governor of Connecticut without looking into the allegation first. Town of Coeymans to CT:

    "Please know that as a Town Board we will do whatever is within our power to make sure trash is not burned in our community. We would recommend that you follow the lead of Prince George's County by dropping the current three proposals and developing a strong Zero Waste Plan that does not rely on any sort of incineration."


  2. I suspect it's been over a decade since a NYS permit was issued for a trash burning plant. There are only nine permitted plants left. My guess? It'll never happen.