Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Who Got the Money

The information about how much of the $85 million in Regional Economic Development Council funds is coming to Hudson and Columbia County is now available. The most exciting award, in Gossips' opinion, is $120,000 in Empire State Development funds for the restoration of the historic Park Theater at 723 Warren Street.

Other awards for projects near and dear to us in Hudson are:
  • $45,000 to Basilica Hudson to hire a new development manager and $75,000 to renovate and upgrade its gallery building
  • A total of $500,000 to DigiFab for new machinery and equipment to expand its operation
  • $45,ooo to the Hudson Opera House (a.k.a. Hudson Hall) for a workforce readiness program
  • $225,000 for the restoration of the former Allen Street School, now known as River House, to create workspace for creative professionals and enterprises focusing of multi-media and film production.
  • $420,000 to The Olana Partnership for farm landscape restoration
To see all of the awards for local projects, click here. Columbia County awards begin on page 88.


  1. It's worth $120K just to get those nasty orthopedic aids from 1952 out of the front window.

  2. at least the first top award is genuine imho

  3. like all the others recipients are thriving, on going businesses - they need more? really ? give it to humble roots of genuine growth - prosperity for all trying to grow too - not just to done deals already

  4. i sure wish i was a "not for profit" - just like these fine profitmakers

  5. this isnt fixing hudson ~ this is hudson fixing you

  6. if they are making a theatre ok...otherwise SO unfair to those who spend their own hard earned money to fix buildings in this town !!!! (Like my man Roy)