Thursday, December 7, 2017

What Might Have Been

Now that we are all comfortable and optimistic with Rick Rector as our mayor elect, it's easy to forget one of his early, self-declared challengers: Fred Starke. 

Starke announced his bid for mayor in May, declaring to the Register-Star, "I don't care about the other people running, because now it's my turn--I will be mayor in 2018."

In June, Starke was arrested for allegedly making "a terroristic threat" and aggravated harassment.

Today, the Register-Star reports that Starke, in a mental competency hearing, was declared incompetent to assist in his own defense: "Judge: Man accused of threatening the court unfit to stand trial." One psychiatrist is quoted in the article as saying of Starke, "He expressed several paranoid delusions during the examination that involved the district attorney and also his grandiose idea of getting elected mayor to fight the corruption in this county." Another psychiatrist testified, "He believed he was put in jail prior to the election to prevent him from becoming mayor."


  1. So why is this website making fun of the mentally ill? It's that kind of "gossip" now?

  2. So it took a team of Doctors to tell us his is unfit to stand trial, but not to run the city.With the right handlers Fred would have do a fine job.