Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Brownfield Remediation Update

On December 6, Gossips published Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton's statement that the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) was to begin excavation work at the brownfield on the corner of North Second and Mill streets, once the site of Foster's Refrigeration, on Monday, December 11. Contaminated soil would be removed and disposed of offsite, and the area would be backfilled. 

It is not known if the work began as scheduled on December 11, but today two readers--one in the morning, one in the late afternoon--reported earth-moving equipment and activity at the site, and they provided pictures.

Photo: Keith Kanaga
Photo: Peter Jung
Capping and restoration will begin in the spring.

Update: Rob Perry, superintendent of the Department of Public Works, has provided the information that the excavation work at the site began on Monday, December 18.


  1. Word has it that testing will continue as well, since the only tests for contaminants like lead were in 2006, and were positive.

  2. Looks better already with a nice view of the river & beyond. What is the proposed plan for this site?

  3. Well that's N F G. That site/area need to be for the public. Some group need to go down and stake their claim before L---a & and her flunkies demand the space for another round of 'Jimmy Carter' affordable houses on river front property

    1. Although, the site is being remediated, I don't think it's being cleaned up to a level that would permit houses to be built there. Several years ago, to placate the people clamoring for a dog park, Bill Hallenbeck proposed the site for that purpose. Our current mayor doesn't think it will be clean enough for a dog park. Most likely it will end up being a parking lot for the North Bay Recreation Area and the trail network being proposed for the north side of the city.

    2. Two things about that last idea: the Foster's site is not within the CLC's North Bay Recreation Area, and the CLC is contemplating a more limited parking footprint - an approach I happen to support.

  4. What is needed is dog park in Hudson. Mark it out put down a plastic covering, and put top soli in . its not rocket science.
    Plenty of room down there for a mongrel ,puppy , whelp & hound, & curs of low degree.

  5. The intersection of Landgator and Navigator is just beyond those trees...