Wednesday, December 27, 2017

More about Lafarge, Mustang, and Trash

Brian Nearing, environmental reporter for the Albany Times Union, had in article in yesterday's paper on the situation upriver: "Lafarge denies waste burning in Ravena." Nearing reports that not only is David Fletcher, plant manager for Lafarge in Ravena, denying that such a plan is being pursued, but John Dewey, the CEO for Mustang Renewable Power Ventures, has confirmed that his company is "no longer in discussions with Lafarge about this opportunity." 

Meanwhile, it seems, a press conference on the subject in Coeymans this morning is still going forward.

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  1. That they were discussing the proposal at all is significant.

    Now a request to would-be conservationists attending today's press conference:

    On behalf of Hudson residents, please inquire about a discussion Holcim may have had, probably beginning in 2012, whereby the succeeding, present owner of Hudson's South Bay wetlands may someday "[supply] limestone to the LafargeHolcim plant just up the river and delivering it by barge."

    This highly plausible scenario was floated by this blog on December 16.

    To continue quoting from the recent Gossips post, such an agreement "could mean a huge increase in blasting activity in the quarry and a similarly huge increase in the number of trucks hauling stone to the river and the number of barges coming and going from the dock."

    Someone - anyone - please ask this question of LaFargeHolcim today.