Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Great War: December 13, 1917

Our exploration of life in Hudson during the Great War has been on hiatus for a while, but a news item that appeared on the front page of the Hudson Evening Register for December 13, 1917, is bringing it back. It reveals the role one of Hudson's principal businesses of a century ago played in the war effort.

In 1917, the Gifford-Wood Company was located at the end of Hudson Avenue, in a facility constructed in 1907, soon after Gifford Brothers, the company created by Elihu Gifford in 1814, merged with William T. Wood & Company of Arlington, Massachusetts, in 1905. The picture below shows the Gifford-Wood plant as it appeared in 1915.

The building, which was most recently the location of W. B. McGuire Overhead Door, still stands and bears traces of its  original identity.

Photo credit: Virginia Martin

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