Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Register-Star on the Dog Park

In today's Register-Star, Amanda Purcell has a story about the brouhaha over the proposed dog park. In the print version of the paper, the story appears on the front page, above the fold, with the headline "Neighbors demand say on dog park." Online, it has a slightly tamer title: "Neighbors want voices heard about dog park."

There are a couple of mistakes in the article that need correcting. First, there's a photo caption that indicates an acre of land will be fenced for the dog park. Don't we wish! In fact, the total area for the proposed dog park is less than half an acre--approximately the same size as the dog parks in Germantown and Athens. In the body of the article, it is stated that the money from the initial GoFundMe campaign will be used to fence 5,000 square feet for the dog park (an acre is 43,560 square feet), and the $5,500 raised by the second GoFundMe campaign will be used to buy poop bag dispensers and signage. Those would be some expensive poop bags!

In fact, the second GoFundMe campaign was initiated with the expressed purpose of raising more money for more fencing to increase the overall size of the park. There is now--from the two GoFundMe campaigns and a contribution from the Mrs. Greenthumbs Hedge Fund--enough money for the fencing, poop bag dispensers, signage, and maybe a few other amenities, like benches or more trees. All that's missing is the civic will to build the dog park. 

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