Sunday, December 24, 2017

Celebrations for Hudson Churches

Later today, the First Presbyterian Church will celebrate, with a Christmas Eve service, its re-opening after a year of being closed for structural repairs. A hundred years ago, the Baptist Church was celebrating, with a Dedicatory Week of services, the church's re-opening after two years of structural repair and rebuilding. On December 26, 1915, a freakishly fierce blizzard topped the church's steeple. Two years ago, Gossips recalled that disaster, as it was reported in the Hudson Evening Register: "The Destruction of a Steeple." Today, Gossips shares the account of the re-dedication of the church building, now the site of the Rock Solid Church, which appeared in the Evening Register on December 24, 1917. 


The first picture below shows the Baptist Church as it appears today. Its steeple can be seen in the historic picture that follows. 

The Baptist Church steeple appears at the left in this picture. At the right is the original tower of the First Presbyterian Church, before its expansion and addition of its soaring Gothic steeple in 1877. In the center is the tower of the Methodist Episcopal Church on South Third Street, now the Hudson Youth Center.


  1. Does this mean the DPW can begin winding our town clock that has remained silent while waiting for the repairs to be completed ???

  2. I see the light for the clock dials is now dark ?!

    1. The church was having a problem with the electricity to the organ. I suspect it may be the same circuit that powers the lights on the clock faces.

    2. Our Town Clock is ringing once again . Merry Christmas !!!