Monday, December 4, 2017

DRI Watch: The Makeup of the Subcommittees

At the last meeting of the DRI Local Planning Committee, there were reports from each of the five subcommittees. The real work of planning and conceptualizing seems to be happening in these committees--understandable, since the LPC is an impossibly large group of twenty-three--but since these subcommittees meet out of the public eye, it seems important to know the makeup of each one. Some LPC members are serving on more than one subcommittee; a couple are not serving on any of the subcommittees.
  • Retrain, create, train for jobs--Tiney Abitabile, Jeff Hunt, Tony Jones, Michelle Hughes, Sara Kendall, Michael Sadowski
  • Mixed-use, mixed income development--Todd Erling, Brenda Adams, Randall Martin
  • Transportation/connectivity--Jeff Hunt, Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton, Christian Ludwig, Betsy Gramkow, Colin Stair
  • Waterfront--Betsy Gramkow, Peter Jung, Christian Ludwig, Kim Bach, Colin Stair, Dan Seward, Christine Vanderlan, Bob Lucke, Seth Rapport Randall Martin
  • Healthy, affordable food--Michelle Hughes, Elena Mosley, Randall Martin, Dan Seward, Sara Kendall, Jabin Ahmed

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