Thursday, December 28, 2017

Update on Incinerating Garbage

There was a press conference yesterday in Coeymans about the proposal to incinerate tons of trash from seventy towns in Connecticut at the LafargeHolcim plant in Ravena. What happened at that press conference was reported both by Columbia-Greene Media--"Officials, advocates give vehement thumbs down to trash plan"--and by the Albany Times Union--"Opponents cheer the demise of the proposed cement kiln garbage incineration plan."  

One interesting revelation at the press conference was made by Judith Enck, former EPA Regional Administrator, who is quoted in the Columbia-Greene Media article as saying, "This [project] went through two levels of approval in Connecticut." She called on LafargeHolcim to send a letter to the State of Connecticut officially withdrawing from the process and to make a "clear, written commitment that they would never burn solid waste at the cement kiln." 


  1. Very smart of Ms. Enck. She knows what the City of Hudson learned the hard way: do not trust that company!!!

    Readers may not realize that the City is currently suing Holcim as a co-Respondent, but is that the same as suing LaFargeHolcim? (Yes, probably.)

    "Respondent Holcim (US), Inc. (“Holcim”) is a Delaware corporation which is authorized to do business in the State of New York" [Hudson v. Greenport Planning Board, et al, no. 19].

  2. It’s also interesting that these Columbia-Greene Media articles have not appeared in the Register Star. Today’s was only in the Daily Mail. Perhaps it’s assumed that we’re not interested.

  3. The market for American recyclables is shrinking, with China becoming increasingly picky about the junk it accepts from the US. I wonder where those rejected recyclables will wind up? In a landfill? In an incinerator? NPR and others have been covering the story. At any rate, the deadline to sign on to an Energy Justice letter to CT's Commissioner of Energy and Environment looms (tomorrow, 12/30). You can do so at

    Or you can send an email directly to him: