Friday, December 29, 2017

Bitter Cold--Now and a Century Ago

It was 4 degrees when Joey and I ventured out on our morning walk at 9 a.m. The item below, which appeared on the front page of the Hudson Evening Register for December 29, 1917, indicates that Hudson was suffering the same--even worse--bitter cold temperatures a hundred years ago.

Of interest, apropos the final paragraph, the first known use of the term windchill was in 1939, around the time polar scientists working in the Antarctic were developing formulas to calculate the effect of wind on lowering temperature. Those formulas and charts started being used by the National Weather Service in the 1970s.

Just to be clear, Gossips notes the similar weather conditions in 1917 and 2017 as a curiosity, not to provide support to climate change deniers.

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