Monday, January 17, 2022

Dog Show in Hudson

Reading the Columbia Republican for January 17, 1922, I came upon this account of a dog show that took place in Hudson a hundred years ago. I share it, because it makes an interesting read--both to learn what breeds were popular at the time and to imagine a dog show taking place in what is now the performance hall at Hudson Hall. 

The picture used to illustrate this post does not show Hexe von Milisteen, the winner of the Columbia County Kennel Club winter show in 1922, but rather Strongheart, the star of the 1922 silent film Brawn of the North.



  1. A little more info about John Tucker mentioned in the article. John was a chauffeur for Amanda Limbrick (or Limberick, not sure of sp.) who reportedly owned a brick making company. John's wife, Adelaide was her seamstress. John also was involved in real estate, buying, fixing up and renting houses in Hudson. The Tuckers lived at 433 State Street, which was built as a wedding gift by Limbrick about 1901. The house is mostly brick covered by wood, and later aluminum siding. It served as sort of an early "B&B" for black visitors, dignitaries such as ministers until they found homes of their own during the segregation. They weren't allowed at the hotels. It was a social hub for the black community as the Tuckers were quite active in the AME Zion Church and the Colored Citizens Club.
    John's wife Adelaide's mother was Mary Dubois, niece of the famed W.E.B. Dubois.
    The Tuckers adopted their orphaned 5 yr. old niece, Edith Hazel (later Edith Podd) who reportedly became Hudson High School's first black graduate, then went on into nursing.
    Edith's daughter, Margaret Mullings is the present owner of the house, keeping continually in the same family since it was built.
    This information is from talking with my neighbor, Margaret Mullings, and from an article by John Mason in the Reg Star in 2009.

  2. German Shepherds, always a personal favorite. Raised in a family setting, they are amazing with children. Smart to boot and did I mention, extraordinarily handsome! A mixed breed with Shepherd lineage, a great choice. I am surprised by the number of breeds represented. A Russian Wolf hound! Hudson, as far as dog shows go, pretty classy 100 years ago. Where do we stand now? We bicker about everything but move so slow (sidewalks, parks) and have a knack for attracting disreputable developers. The last point, especially egregious if you can't or won't say No Thanks. But fear not, there will be a dizzying array of high end hotel rooms to choose from in a year! How will we entertain everybody! (And where will they park all their fine carriages... oops, giant SUV's).