Thursday, January 27, 2022

Unveiling on Allen Street

What appears to be two different layers of siding were being removed in the bitter cold this morning at 223-225 Allen Street to reveal the original clapboard beneath. 

The building, which was damaged by fire in May 2020, is being restored and will have six residential apartments.

The restoration of 223-225 Allen Street is being carried out by A Squared Building LLC, one of the groups that responded to the City's request for qualifications for an affordable housing development partner. A Squared Building LLC is also undertaking the restoration of 205-207 Warren Street.



  1. A lot of missing specifics here. To start, Who owns the building? --peter meyer

    1. The buildings are owned by A Squared Building LLC, the principals of which are Alex Freedman and Alex Hammerschlag.

    2. Want to easily know who owns any property in town, what it's assessed for, how much they pay in taxes and if they paid their property tax bill on time last year?? Go to the HCSD website, click on district info, then School Taxes at bottom, then Info-Tax Online and you can search any by address or owner name. By address just enter the STREET NUMBER in the STREET NUMBER box, do not include name of street. Hit search and it will offer all the addresses starting with that number, then you can pick the one you are looking for. It's a bit voyeuristic, and thus, for some, kinda fun. B HUSTON

  2. Could we please put shutters on these buildings? Historically, all of the buildings had shutters. glad they are getting redone, however.