Saturday, January 1, 2022

Year in Review: 1921

On January 3, 1922, the Columbia Republican published a full page of "Happenings in Hudson During the Past Year--1921." Gossips shares some of the more interesting events of a hundred years ago.

1    Dr. Galster assumed his new duties as Mayor of Hudson.
8   A team of horses of the Mt. Ida Dairy caused considerable excitement on State St. by a sensational runaway in which bottles of milk flew in all directions. The driver was injured but not seriously.
 Hundreds of skaters were on the pond to enjoy the first that skating has been possible since the recent warm spell.
13  For the first time the river was frozen from shore to shore and the ferry boat had considerable difficulty making its last trip.
15   Some variety of homebrew is thought to be responsible for the extremely unusual actions of a man who left a number of articles of clothing, a gold watch and considerable money in the hallway of the Hoffman home on No. Third St.
18   The coldest weather to hit Hudson so far this season came today, with the mercury hovering around zero and a March gale blowing.
21   The 25c haircut is back in Hudson again for the first time since pre-war times.
23   The police made more than the usual number of arrests for assault and intoxication charges. 
24   The mercury dropped 23 degrees in the past 24 hours, and the city is in the grip of the second cold snap of the season.

15   The warm weather makes impossible the use of the ferry sleigh on the Hudson-Athens route; but people are walking across.
25   Several hundred persons enjoyed coasting on Diamond St.
26   To-night was an unusually busy one in police circles and as the result five men spent the night in jail.

2    At one o'clock to-night, after a long filibuster the Common Council adopted the proposed charter for the city.
3    At a meeting of the Board of Health a case of sleeping sickness was reported; it is an epidemic to some extent thruout the country.
4    The welcome notes of a robin introduced spring 1921 to Hudson.
8    Ferry boat made its first trip, the river being cleared of ice.
14   James F. and Edwin C. Riley have purchased the Worth House and will conduct it in the future.
16   Unemployment situation in the city was greatly relieved when the Knickerbocker Cement plant started up on full time.
27   To-day was the warmest and fairest Easter day in years; there were unusually large congregations at every church.
28   The Anshe Amass congregation has purchased the Evans building at 247 Warren Street and will use it for the Hebrew School.
31   Common Council voted for daylight saving and the clocks in the city will be turned ahead the last Sunday in April.

27   Prohibition agents visit city, find no violations.
30   Police raid small grocery stores down town for hidden liquor.

9    Park Theatre opened.
30  Memorial Day parade largest and best ever seen here.

21   Fifty gallons of alcohol seized in down town barn; two men arrested.
23   Acker girl, who was kidnapped from Orphan Asylum by parents, taken back to the Home.
26   Kennel Club show proves great success; Hudson dogs are winners.

4    Holiday quiet and uneventful in Hudson; very warm.
7    Mercury hits 99. No relief from heat wave in sight.
16   Police, Sheriff and State troopers in booze raid find home brew and liquor in four Hudson places and a still on a county farm. Joseph Robinson and another Hudson man named Egan arrested for stealing beer from plant of C. H. Evans & Sons.
22   More "wet" goods discovered in raids by police and county officials. 
25   Contracts for streets and sewers of city awarded to A. Colarusso and M. Kearney.
26   Police and deputy sheriff raid four downtown places; destroy 5 barrels of home brew.
30   Seven Hudson cafe proprietors arrested after booze raids.

5    Frances Savage, 3 years old, of Hudson, dies of sleeping sickness; first death here from that malady.
23   Debris on city dump found afire.

2    Board of Health meeting discloses case of infantile paralysis in city.
29   Common Council has fiery meeting.

2    Three down town lads find loaded revolver; two slightly injured when it goes off.
16   Police raid Fulton street pool room.
23   Three girls escape from Training School.
27   Common Council held very quiet session. 
29   Police search Columbia street place, find 93 bottles of home brew. Police find crap game going on in Front St. place. 
31   Hallowe'en celebrated rather quietly, parade and Co. F ball being biggest features.

4    Announcement made that C. H. Evans & Sons' plant will reopen for manufacture of India pale ale and brown stout if manufacture of medicinal beer is permitted.
2    Board of Education asks for new grammar school. . . . Three little girls found to be shoplifters.
3   Girl shoplifters put on probation.
15   Navigation on Hudson officially closed.
16   Charles Henry Foster, walking to San Francisco, arrives here.
24   85 Christmas baskets distributed to poor and 600 children receive presents at community Christmas tree.
29   No Council meeting owing to lack of quorum.


  1. Medicinal beer. Of course. (Love reading these old newspaper accounts.)

  2. Quite fascinating. Plenty of liquor related arrests, prohibition must have been challenging. Love the idea of a sleigh ferry across the river. Be interesting to know what the fiery council meeting was about.