Monday, January 24, 2022

More About Charles S. Williams

On Saturday, Gossips published an account of a memorial service for Charles S. Williams, the superintendent of the Hudson Public Schools, which took place at Hudson High School on January 20, 1922. Today, we share the obituary for Williams that appeared in the Columbia Republican on January 24, 1922. 

When Williams took over as superintendent of schools in Hudson, the high school was located in "a portion of the second floor . . .  and the top floor" of this building, the Fourth Street School. 

The Fourth Street School was located at the corner of North Fourth and State streets. The building was demolished in early 1994.

The obituary says "he was called home thus early." The 1920 census gives his age as 49. It is likely he was only 50 when he died in 1922.

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  1. Impressive building, too bad they demolished it. An interesting exhibition would be a photographic survey of the buildings and neighborhoods demolished in Hudson.