Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hudson in the Times Union

Hudson used to be a regular topic in the New York Times, with the emphasis on the city as cool getaway. Now, we have caught the attention of the Times Union, which seems to prefer to focus on Hudson's diversity and division. The latest offering is this: "The faces of a changing Hudson: Residents reflect on city's shifts."


  1. i think the trend in the story is that if people cannot afford Hudson, then the next choice is Philmont. Drive around and take a look, its really Hudson 20 years ago, with incredible views.

    Greater Hudson is pretty fantastic and has a long way to go. there are plenty of opportunities if you just look for them.

    1. The rents in Philmont are not any cheaper than in Hudson, if you can even find anything available. You have to look as far as Kingston to the south or Albany to the north before the rental prices get lower.

  2. People tell the stories they want to believe about themselves, not necessarily what reflects their reality.

    For example... when a wealthy couple who own at least seven properties say they couldn’t afford to buy in today.

  3. Interesting article, well researched and written. Covers a lot of ground. Hudson's a chameleon, always changing. And not. Some of us have been around a long time.

  4. A quick property check shows most of the people interviewed do not own homes in Hudson.