Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Meeting Canceled

The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, which was scheduled for 6:00 p.m. today, has been canceled. 


  1. Second month in a row … because the mayor is too busy to name new members. The board is I believe three members shy and thus can’t hold a vote. I guess he’s too busy being Galloway’s stooge and counting his unearned raise in pay.

    Shameful. Pathetic. Nonfeasance. Who voted for this clown?

  2. Maybe this is to keep the board from issuing more variances to the STR law? Are there more pending?

  3. You can’t get there from here: denying petitioners due process means they can continue doing their thing.

    1. It does seem suspicious that the November ZBA meeting (which had a number of STR hardship applications) happened in the rain because the City couldn't manage to set up a Zoom call or unlock City Hall for the meeting. And now no bodies in chairs so we can't manage quorums? While I agree that the logic is lacking, that seems par for the course for this administration. I'm still waiting for the August, September, October and December Planning Minutes to be posted pursuant to ABO rules. Apparently, the City is too busy doing other things to comply with ABO.
      Sadly, the City doesn't seem to realize the real impacts of political shenanigans. But I guess there's not a lot of real-world experience in City Hall.