Tuesday, January 11, 2022

On the Planning Board's Agenda

The agenda for tonight's Planning Board meeting is now on the City of Hudson website. In addition to the public hearing on converting the early Federal house at 26 Warren Street into a hotel, there are presentations on three new projects on the agenda.
  • The Galvan Foundation's plan to turn the buildings at Warren and North Fourth streets into a hotel to be called The Hudson Public.
  • A plan that involves converting the building at 72 Green Street, which is a double house with four units, into a three-family dwelling.
  • Walter Chatham's plan to subdivide his property on Hudson Avenue into sixteen building lots for eight detached single family dwellings and eight attached row houses. Back in 2016, Chatham sought and obtained a zoning change for the part of the parcel that was zoned I-1 Industrial so he could build residential structures there. The parcel is now zoned RSC (Residential Special Commercial). Five years ago, he was proposing to build four attached row houses.

The Planning Board meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. Click here to join the Zoom meeting.


  1. The mess at 4th & Warren needs to be cleaned up pronto. I've been wondering when the City might utilize its derelict buildings law to force some motion.

  2. Where on earth would Galvan's hotel guests park? What a dumb idea. But not surprising.

  3. Parking is not an issue for that 4th & Warren project. There is a ton of nearby parking in municipal lots and on the streets.

    1. Nearby? Those lots, which are a half block, a full block, and a block and a half away are full of meters and not intended for guests of hotels. Your thinking is problematic, Peter, but maybe it's the same thinking coming from city hall. The thinking being "let all these new hotel guests and apartment dwellers (Pocketbook, Union hotel, Galvan hotel and Galvan 7th street 140 apartments, etc.) park their cars where they can in parking lots full of meters and the streets. Not our problem."
      B Huston

  4. I hope that the builder on Green Street will take into consideration the historic fence in front of the building. I believe it came from the parade grounds near the river or some other historic site. It should be salvaged at all costs.