Friday, January 28, 2022

News of Hudson Connects

Hudson Connects, which will be most extensive of the DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) projects and the one taking the lion's share of the $10 million, is the project that seems to be most elusive. The last time the public heard anything about it was in September 2021, when, while the Delta variant was surging, Arterial held a poorly attended in-person meeting at Hudson Hall. The PowerPoint from that meeting is still not available on the project website, but recently there has been some news of Hudson Connects.

Last night, at the special meeting of the Common Council, Council president Tom DePietro announced that the website was now live. As Gossips reported, it was live back in November, but since then it has been updated. Unfortunately, the link to the September 22, 2021, workshop still takes you to the PowerPoint for a presentation made in December 2020.

This morning, James Ribaudo of Arterial, the group doing the project, appeared at the Historic Preservation Commission meeting. When Arterial made a presentation to the HPC in August 2021, David Lustberg said, "By November-ish, we want to be narrowed in on what we're doing," and promised to return to the HPC before presenting the final plans to the Common Council in December. The goal at the time was to go out to bid in January 2022. Obviously, that goal has been missed.

Because Hudson Connects was not on the HPC's agenda for the meeting, and two members of the HPC--chair Phil Forman and Hugh Biber--were absent, Ribaudo agreed to postpone his presentation until the commission's next meeting. So, mark your calendars. Friday, February 11, at 10:00 a.m., will likely be the first opportunity to see the latest iteration of the plans to transform the streetscape of Hudson, from Second Street west to the river.

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  1. T. Garriga thankfully didn't get those 6 votes. She still has her VOTE FOR ME sign at the curb in front of her house from an election months ago that rejected her. Shouldn't such a display of ego and a blatant code violation automatically bar anyone from consideration for a position at City Hall, even on the IDA? B Huston