Sunday, May 15, 2022

Down by the Station, Early in the Morning

A reader on a walk at the waterfront this morning spotted this and sent a picture to Gossips.

Photo: Bob Tomaso
It must have taken some effort to get that sofa past the barriers and onto the broken-down bridge. One wonders what the motivation was for dumping the sofa here. Was it just a prank, or was it meant to make some statement?


  1. Perhaps to look at the view - watch the trains?

  2. This picture brings to mind a recent observation by first time visitor to Hudson. "The beauty of Hudson is a fantasy created by the New York Times travel writers. It is only skin deep. Just wander off Warren Street to the alleys.... trash everywhere. Why don't you people think more of yourselves and your city?

    1. of course some new visitors to Hudson find Hudson's beauty only skin deep, but there are many people who love the alleys for their history, wonderful old carriage houses in various shades of paint, and the charm of older houses even if run down. Not everything can be squeaky clean like the perfect New England village or Beverly Hills. More perception required.

  3. I noticed that couch a month or two ago and applauded it - a funky touch. There is not enough of that funkiness in Hudson anymore, it's been priced out. So we have the Maker and it's ilk and all that attracts (which has its benefit$) on one side, and on the other an increasingly ugly side:
    overflowing public trash cans on the streets and in the parks, crumbling roads and sidewalks, a serious lack of curb ramps at intersections (yes, even on Warren), reckless driving, bicyclists regularly not obeying traffic laws, a serious lack of code enforcement, buildings and houses left to rot due to lack of enforcement, non-stop truck traffic that is silently and not so silently damaging us all, and a city hall that can't seem to keep up with it all. It could be worse, at least we aren't living in Troy.
    At a nearby house on State Street last Sunday two trash cans appeared at the curb, one for their private trash hauler to empty and one for Hudson recycling. Neither has moved one bit since ONE WEEK AGO and both are beyond full, soon to be overflowing with litter. I believe it is an Airbnb house. Do you think DPW or Code Enforcement gives a hoot how long those trash cans remain at the curb? Would they even know what to do if they noticed what I have? Do you think they are even looking for code violations like this that are so common on Hudson's streets and in the alleys? HA! Don't get me started.