Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meetings Tonight

There are two meetings of interest tonight--one participatory, one not; both starting at 6 p.m.
  • At City Hall, the Planning Commission has its workshop meeting about the zoning changes proposed in the LWRP. Cheryl Roberts will be answering questions from members of the Planning Commission and helping the commission prepare the report of their findings.
  • At Christ Church Episcopal, Acres Co-op Market has its monthly community meeting. Topics on tonight's agenda include fundraising plans, site status, a timeline for action, and the demise of the Pioneer Food Co-op in Troy.
At the latter, you get cider and a chance to ask questions and share ideas. At the former, you get to listen and observe and see how things get done.


  1. Does anyone know whether the public is sometimes given a chance to ask questions at a Planning Commission 'workshop meeting'?

  2. The workshop meeting is required to be public, but it was made clear at last Wednesday's meeting when this workshop was planned that the public can only--as I said--listen and observe.