Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gossips Apologizes

The boiler here at Gossips Central gave up the ghost in the night, so I'm having to deal with that problem instead of creating today's post. Gossips will be back as soon as the situation is dealt with. 


  1. Hope you are staying warm in the interim! Good luck with your boiler & we have a spare space heater if you and William need to borrow one.

  2. My neighbor had the same problem but the oil company worked late into the night to set it right. Hope you and William had the same experience and are warm again !

  3. Thanks, Vince, for your good wishes, but we're not warm yet. The boiler needed a new part that was unavailable on Sunday, so it was turned off to wait until Monday. Several kind friends offered us shelter and warmth for the night, but I had work to do--at my computer, which stays put--so William and I stayed put, too. We spent the night in the room where the computer is (there's a couch in there, too, where I slept), huddled near a space heater. William got the unexpected bonus of getting his Elizabethan collar removed a day early. I was afraid he would bash it into the heater.

    The plumber returns today, and so, I hope, will warmth.

  4. so sorry for the incredible inconvenience...
    was thinking it might have been william's WMD that you
    have nicely called the elizabethan collar. ultimately, the clever
    one got his wishes. be safe and warm.