Monday, October 10, 2011

So Long, Lick

We knew Lick was closing sometime today, whenever the ice cream ran out, but hope springs eternal in the doggy breast. When we passed Lick this afternoon at about 5:30, William climbed the steps and pressed his nose against the door, hoping for one last Betsy's Bow Wow before the long, dark winter ahead, but alas! we were too late.


  1. William, do not get too depressed, there his hope for you and your canine friends on another front... the Greenport Conservaion area.

    Peter Paden today reported to me,
    "I'm not sure how this is all going to pan out, but CLC is not going to prohibit dogs at our conservation areas unless we become convinced that it's necessary - that we are not getting a sufficient level of compliance with our leash and clean up rules. We are continuing to monitor the situation, but we are not at present at all persuaded a ban is needed, and we don't want to do it unless we feel we really have to. We have reported as much to the Town Board. "
    Peter may need all the support we can muster.

  2. Thanks, Bob, for reporting what Peter Paden had to say on the issue. CLC has our support in this--mine, William's, Gossips', and, I hope, that of Gossips readers.

  3. Gossips readers for certain - Boy-Boy the rescued Greyhound & Therapy Dog and Ruth Moser
    absolutely support Columbia Land Conservancy for allowing dogs at their Greenport Conservation Area a former dairy farm.